Saving Sharks


Saving Sharks is an interactive, informative exhibition designed to capture the hearts and minds of would-be conservationists and lifelong shark fans, alike. Be astounded by a life-sized great white shark replica, track tagged sharks in real time via OCEARCH’s Global Shark Tracker, learn about shark anatomy and biology, and most of all – discover how humans can help save these misunderstood creatures and make the ocean a healthier place for all.

Species Featured

Cat shark Port Jackson shark
Epaulette shark Tasselled wobbegong
Horn shark Whitespotted bamboo shark


Features of Saving Sharks include:

  • Live shark touch exhibit area
  • Shark biology aspect featuring skin, teeth, and cartilaginous skeletons from different species
  • A life-sized great white shark replica
  • The OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker where guests can track tagged sharks in real time
  • A full-sized diving cage
  • Conservation-themed facts about how we can help save shark species
  • Gulf of Mexico Map with common shark species
  • Learn more about how organizations like OCEARCH and the Harte Research Institute work to help study and conserve sharks for generations to come