World Oceans Day



Hundreds of events are planned across the globe to help people get involved in solutions for a healthy ocean and society.  By supporting trash-free coasts and beaches, sustainable seafood, and more, we can celebrate the World’s oceans and keep them in good shape for generations to come.

Click here to download the flier

Click here to download the flier


  • Help the Aquarium cook up solutions to plastic pollution and sustainable fisheries with these great activities:
  • Take the pledge, “I will never use another plastic shopping bag,” and grab a new or recycled t-shirt shopping bag made with help from Surfrider Foundation’s Skip the Plastic volunteers.
  • See why sea turtles mistake plastics for one of their favorite foods.
  • Calling all fishermen!  Meet Scientists on Site from Texas Stream Team’s Monofilament Finders, see the biggest ball of monofilament in the world and take home your very own monofilament fishing line recycling bag. 
  • Yummy!  Sample sustainable black drum from the Gulf of Mexico prepared by our own Chef Chris, then head down to the Shoreline Grill for the World Oceans Day Sustainable Seafood Special.





Make Your World Oceans Day Clean & Green!

From World Ocean’s Day, to events like Party for the Planet and Green Halloween; we know we spout big ideals about conservation, eco-friendliness, and recycling. As we focus on this year’s World Oceans Day theme of “healthy oceans, healthy planet” and reducing marine debris, we’d like to tell you about our own eco-friendliness and maybe even inspire you to take home more than just memories and souvenirs from the Aquarium!

Xeriscaped landscape

Xeriscaped landscape with crushed granite, instead of soil

From our Xeriscape landscaping and multiple recycling stations, to even the things that you don’t see – like our water filtration/cycling system and the solar panels on our roof – the Texas State Aquarium is happy to assure you that not only do we talk the talk, we also walk the walk when it comes to doing our part to keep the planet healthy.

Check out the ways in which your Aquarium stays clean and green!

Restrooms: Installed in our upstairs restroom are Zurn Dual Flush systems. These systems are extremely water efficient and have two options: flush the handle up for liquid waste and flushing down for solid waste, providing just the right amount of water to handle the waste.

The urinals in our lobby restrooms are waterless, thus also contributing to our facility’s water conservation efforts.

Waste Recycling: Nearly every single waste container at the Aquarium is broken up into plastic and/or recyclable waste receptacles. Upstairs and spread around the premises, we also have designated disposal areas for cans, paper, plastics, and even bottle screw tops and batteries. 

Outdoor recycling center

Outdoor recycling center

Seawater usage and recycling: One of the many perks of being located right on the incredible Corpus Christi bay front is our direct access to the bay’s seawater. Instead of filling our exhibits with tap water, treating it, and then adding massive amounts of salt to it in order to make it a suitable habitat for marine life, the Aquarium pipes in water from the bay, filters it multiple times, while also treating it for impurities and chemicals, and then pipes that water into our exhibits. This practice not only saves huge amounts of time and money, but also massive quantities of freshwater.

Additionally, the Aquarium will change the water in our exhibits from time to time. The very same water that is piped in is treated, filtered, processed, and sent back out into the bay.

LED Lighting: At the Aquarium, we employ LED lighting all over the facility. As opposed to incandescent bulbs or compact fluorescents, LEDs produce light by using light emitting diodes – a much more efficient use of energy than traditional sources.

Utensils Made From Plants, Paper Straw

Utensils made from plant starch

Xeriscape landscaping: One of the first things you notice about the Aquarium is the lush, beautiful grounds. Palm trees, tropical flowers, manicured lawns, and more. The one thing you won’t find are lot of flower beds or mulch, as the Aquarium utilizes Xeriscape landscaping wherever possible on our premises. Xeriscaping is a landscaping or gardening practice that vastly reduces and sometimes eliminates the need for supplemental watering. Xeriscaped grounds use up to two-thirds less water than traditional lawn landscapes and also help support drought-resistant plant life local to the region, giving that true Coastal Bend flora experience. 

Utensils: Not only can you enjoy the delicious food from our Pepsi Shoreline Grill and Café Aqua, you can feel good about eating it, too! The utensils we supply at our restaurant facilities are from an eco-friendly and green company called Eco Products, and our spoons, forks, and knives are all made out of plant starch. The cutlery is made from 70% renewable materials, thus helping to reduce the consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels required to make conventional plastic cutlery.

Solar Panels: The rooftop of the Aquarium not only provides stunning view of the USS Lexington, North Beach, and Corpus Christi Bay, but also an array of sustainable solar energy panels. Solar power cells convert sunlight into electricity, using the energy of photons to create an electrical current.

Solar panels on roof

Solar panels on roof

Over the past few decades, scientists studied how to harness the sun’s energy with more efficiency to do the work of non-renewable fuels – without pollution, noise or radiation, and not subject to economic issues that can cause costs to fluctuate.


Green Audit: We’re also pledging to conduct a green audit this summer, seeking and implementing every additional means we can to reduce energy and plastic waste, including marine debris. While Texas State Aquarium has long facilitated Texas General Land Office Adopt-A-Beach cleanups on North Beach, this year we’re implementing a comprehensive marine debris plan that will coordinate Aquarium staff, AquaTeens, and community volunteers for at least ten cleanups at North Beach and Packery Channel sites.

Boxed Water: For World Oceans Day, the Texas State Aquarium is joining with others around the world in a wave for change to help keep plastic trash out of our ocean and away from ocean-dwelling animals. Through eliminating the sale of bottled water on our premises; we have pledged to help rid the ocean of detrimental plastic bottles. Keep the wave going and check out why Boxed Water is Better! The boxed water, produced by Boxed Water Is Better, LLC, is being supplied to the Aquarium by its beverage partner, Pepsi Co. The boxed water containers are 100% recyclable and 100% BPA free.

Together, we can move/remove mountains – mountains of plastic that harm wildlife, and ultimately ourselves – in the world’s ocean.

Please join us in action, small and simple or large and grand on World Oceans Day and beyond.