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Texas State Aquarium and the Flint Hills Resources Center for Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education recognize that teachers- inside and outside the classroom- are valued partners in our efforts to fulfill the Aquarium’s conservation, education and STEM missions. As such we provide educators, near and far, learning opportunities and resources designed to support and enhance classroom-based STEM curriculum, pedagogical best practices, and student-centered discovery.


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Our Teacher Learning and Resource Opportunities will:

  • Provide STEM-based content in creative and meaningful ways
  • Model best practice teaching strategies with engaging and replicable activities/projects
  • Clarify links/alignment to TEKS and other required and relevant education standards
  • Foster STEM learning with interdisciplinary connections and cross cutting concepts
  • Facilitate utilization of Flint Hills Resources Center for Excellence in STEM Education resources and programs
  • Offer Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Texas Environmental Education Advisory Council (TEEAC) credits


Check out these upcoming opportunities

We’re planning a special teachers’ family evening in Tentacles, the Aquarium’s newest exhibit on Friday, July 15.  We’re lining up special Scientists on Site and “tentacular” fun focused on every letter in STEM.  What did the boy octopus say to the girl octopus?  What does a jellyfish have to do with engineering?  Put the date on your calendar and keep an eye on our website for specific times and registration information.

When: Friday, July 15


Have you ever wanted to spend a week at the Aquarium partnered with other education and science experts to design activities ideal for both a classroom and aquarium environment? Now is your chance!  Hosted annually, these workshops blend classroom and aquarium best practices to improve STEM teaching and learning in and beyond South Texas, while providing additional training for the educators involved.  This year five K-12 educators will contribute to a series of lessons and activities focused on sharks- adaptations, diversity, conservation, and research. Participants earn $1000 stipends, continuing education credits, and unique experiences and lessons to bring back to the classroom. 

When: Monday, August 1 – Friday, August 5

Teacher Expectations/Responsibilities   |   Participant Application Form

For more information and to apply, contact Kristin Evans, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, kevans@txstateaq.org or (361) 654-1452. Applications are due by July 1st

Who doesn’t love sharks?  Put the “T” in STEM by tracking Madeline, Wyatt, Sam Houston, and all the sharks tagged by Harte Research Institute’s Dr. Greg Stunz with funding from Texas State Aquarium’s Wildlife Care, Conservation, and Research Program.  Dr. Stunz’ team, with assistance from TSA educators, will help you design the perfect classroom exploration of shark adaptations and shark behavior in the Gulf of Mexico using online resources and technology. 

When: October 22, 2016   |   9 a.m. – 4 p.m.  |  $30/ includes Aquarium admission, workshop supplies, and light snacks

For more information and registration, contact Suraida Nanez-James at snanez-james@txstateaq.org or (361) 654-1450.

$30 per person, includes Growing Up WILD curriculum book and light snacks

This Project WILD-based workshop is designed specifically for early childhood educators teaching in informal and formal learning environments, including the home! This program builds upon a child’s sense of wonder and invites them to explore nature and science while developing positive impressions of the natural world and lifelong social and academic skills. This nationally recognized program aligns with National Association for the Education of Young Children and Texas guidelines for early childhood learning and school readiness. 

When: November

For more information and registration, contact Kristin Evans, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, kevans@txstateaq.org or (361) 654-1452.

These nationally recognized, high-quality environmental education programs can be conducted “on demand” at your facility for your team of educators. Each workshop will be adapted and designed to meet the needs of your team, target audience, and teaching environment. Workshops are 3-6 hours long, depending on program type and target audience. Price per participant varies by program type and length. SBEC/TEEAC credit hours can be earned for every hour of instruction. 

When: By Request

For inquiries and reservations, please contact Kristin Evans, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction at kevans@txstateaq.org or (361) 654-1452.