Aquavision – Distance Learning


Enjoy the charismatic animals at the Texas State Aquarium LIVE in your classroom! The Flint Hills Resources Distance Learning Studio at the Texas State Aquarium provides access to our animals and staff through web-based and videoconferencing technology. Aligned with the Texas Education Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), Aquavision lets teachers add high-quality curriculum to their units without leaving the classroom.

For TEKS alignment and further information, or to schedule a videoconference, please call (361) 881-1203, email Scheduling can also be completed via the CILC and Connect2Texas websites. Please schedule at least three weeks in advance.



Grade Level  Overview  Price 
Pre-K – 2nd  30 minutes  $75 
3rd – Adult 
50 minutes
Teacher Packet with pre- and post-activities 
All Grade Levels 
30-50 minutes
Teacher Packet with supplemental program information 


Habitats of the Gulf of Mexico

Get up close and personal with ocean habitats and animal adaptations when you virtually tour Aquarium exhibits – it makes a great field-trip preview!


Expert Chats

Have an ocean-related question? Want to know what a day in the life of our husbandry staff is like? We’d love to share the answers. These sessions help students understand environmental issues, animal care, and pose questions for Texas State Aquarium staff and Coastal Bend scientists.

Early Elementary (Pre-K – 2nd grade)

Fishy Friends

All fish are not created equal, but why are fish different shapes and sizes? Let’s “fish” around for answers and learn more about adaptations, then create our own fish.


Meet Our Otters!

What has two layers of fur, babies called pups, and lives all across North America? The North American river otter! Join in to learn more about this animal, see if it lives in your backyard, and meet the resident river otters in our Otter Creek exhibit.


Turtle Tots

What are instincts? As a baby sea turtle hatches, how does it know how to get to the water? Let’s discuss sea turtle adaptations, and learn to identify species found in the Gulf of Mexico by meeting our resident animal ambassadors LIVE in Tortuga Cay!

Elementary (3rd – 5th grade)

Tall Tales of the Deep

Old legends of the deep sea are still recounted in modern stories. Let’s discuss the origins of the tall tales, meet the real creatures that inspired them, and create your own “fish” story to share.

Secondary (6th grade – 12th grade)


Sharks are one of the most misunderstood and fascinating animals in our oceans, and scientists are still discovering information about them. We will take a look at our resident sharks and learn more about many species in the Gulf of Mexico.


Are You Related to Me?

The North American river otter has many mammal relatives, but do you know why they are related? Use taxonomy, the science of classification, to figure out the river otter family tree.

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Development of Aquavision programs made possible by generous funding from Flint Hills Resources and the Education Service Center Region 2.