Pepsi Shoreline Grill Menu


Below are the current menu items for our Pepsi Shoreline Grill Restaurant located on the bottom floor of the Aquarium across from the Otter Creek exhibit, as well as menus for our Snack Shack, and Café Aqua:


Combo Meals
#1 – Hamburger, chips & medium drink
#2 – B.B.Q. sandwich, chips & medium drink
#3 – Hot dog, chips a& medium drink
#4 – Grilled chicken sandwich, chips & medium drink


 Hot Plate Specials


 Daily hot plate special with entree and two side dishes 


 Daily dessert special



 Soups, Salads & Sandwiches


 Soup of the Day (Cup)


 House Salad


 Chef Salad


 Tuna or Chicken Strip Salad


 Shrimp Roll with fries


 Shrimp or Fish Po’ Boy with fries


 Turkey, Ham or Tuna Sandwich


 Shrimp Basket 


 Spinach Chicken Wrap


 Grilled Cheese Sandwich with fries



 Burgers and More






 Veggie Burger


 Southwest Burger


 Grilled Chicken Sandwich


 Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich


 BBQ Sandwich


 Southwest Chicken Burger


 Foot Long Corn Dog


 Hot Dog


     Chili or Cheese – Extra


 Chicken Strips with fries


 Cheese Pizza by the slice


 Pepperoni Pizza by the slice


 Crispy Chicken Sandwich


 Tacos (3 crispy beef)


 Bean & Cheese Taco





 Frito Chili Pie




 Battered Onion Rings (order of 8)




 Sabra Hummus


 French Fries


 Pretzels (soft)








 Mac N’ Cheese


 Mozzarella Sticks





 Blue Bell Ice Cream in a waffle cone


 Cup of Ice Cream – 2 scoops


 Ice Cream Novelties


 Mini Melts


 Cotton Candy




 Funnel Cake


 Oreo Churro


 Fruit Cup





 Fountain Drink


 Souvenir Cup


 Kid’s Souvenir Cup


Boxed Water – 16.9 oz or 1 liter


 Other Bottled Drinks






 Starbucks Cold Energy Drinks








 Frozen Lemonade




 Pepperoni Pizza by the Slice


 Frito Pie




 Nathan’s Hot Dog


      Add Chili


 Foot Long Corn Dog






 Fresh Baked Cookies








 Ice Cream Novelty








 Bill’s World Famous Lemonade


 Beverage (Tall, Grande, or Venti)




 Café Latte








 Café Mocha




 Vanilla Latte




 Caramel Macchiato 




 White Chocolate Mocha 









Espresso Con Panna




Espresso Macchiato 





 Iced Coffee 




 Iced Coffee w/Milk




 Tazo Iced Tea




 Tazo Iced Tea Lemonade




 Tazo Iced Chai Tea Latte





 Hot Chocolate




 White Hot Chocolate





 Freshly Brewed Coffee (Regular and Decaf)




 Tazo Chai Tea Latte




 Tazo Chocolate Chai Tea Latte




 Brewed Tazo Tea





 Fruit Smoothie, Mango or Strawberry






 Coffee Frappucino


 Coffee Caramel Mocha Frappucino


 Crème Vanilla Bean Frappucino (coffee free)


 Crème Strawberries Frappucino (coffee free)


 House Salad


 Turkey and Cheese Sandwich


 Ham and Cheese Sandwich


 Fruit Cup


 Boxed Water








 Assorted Muffins and Pastries


 Kid’s Menu

All Kid’s Meals Include a Kid’s Cup

2 Chicken Strips with Fries


Grilled Cheese with Fries


Mac N Cheese


Personal Pizza


Hot Dog with Bag of Chips