Flower Gardens


FGE_map-01-01Get a breathtaking underwater view of a habitat that is 126 miles away in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Flower Gardens is a beautiful 40,000-gallon exhibit that replicates an actual coral reef located approximately 200 miles straight out from the Aquarium’s back door, into the Gulf of Mexico! Watch French angelfish, grouper, and grunts interact with our divers during our daily Diver in the Water presentation (only available September-April).

Species Featured

Black Durgeon Freckled Porcupinefish Rock Beauty
Black Bar Soldierfish French Angelfish Rock Hind
Blue Angelfish Grey Angelfish Scrawled Cowfish
Blue Tang High-Hat Scrawled Filefish
Blue Tang Surgeon Indigo Hamlet Sharpnose Puffer
Bluehead Wrasse Long Jawed Squirrelfish Spotfin Burrfish
Bluestriped Grunt Orange Filefish Spot-fin Porcupinefish
Butter Hamlet Queen Angelfish Spotlight Parrotfish
Cownose Ray Redband Parrotfish Striped Burrfish
Creole Wrasse Reef Butterflyfish White Spotted Filefish