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Texas State Aquarium: 25 Years of Wonder Commercial 

The Texas State Aquarium is a place where people of all ages and can get up close and interact with many different kinds of animals, enjoy educational and entertaining exhibits featuring over 330 species, learn about conservation and how our actions impact the other inhabitants of both the ocean and land, and thrill at exciting shows featuring bottlenose dolphins, raptors and other kinds of birds, and an assortment of fascinating mammals.


The Current, Ep. 6 | Volume II 

Check out the June edition of the Aquarium’s monthly online television program, “The Current,” on YouTube!

This month’s webisode will feature details about our summer SeaCamp, take a look at a few animal releases from our Second Chances Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital, and discuss what fun activities you can expect at the Aquarium as we celebrate World Oceans Day Saturday, June 6!  Be sure to subscribe to the Texas State Aquarium’s YouTube channel to get notified each time we post a new video or episode of “The Current.” And please share with your friends!  


2014 Year in Review

2014 has been an incredible time at the Aquarium. From the generous donations given by Flint Hills Resources, H-E-B, and Whataburger for our Caribbean Journey Expansion, to our fun parties and Dollar Days, placing second in the USA Today Readers’ Choice 10Best Aquariums in North America poll, breaking ground on our expansion, to ending the year with a new addition to our animal family, it’s been an exciting year for us. We hope you join us as we look back on all the wonderful things that happened in 2014 and toast to the New Year! Thanks for supporting us and growing with us – we are grateful for our amazing visitors and our community.


Texas State Aquarium Returns Brown Pelican to the Wild

Texas State Aquarium is pleased to announce that on Friday, October 17, we released a Brown Pelican back into its natural habitat at Roberts Point Park in Port Aransas. The Aquarium’s Second Chances Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital took in the juvenile Brown Pelican in early September when a local man discovered the shore bird had an injured wing and brought it to the facility. Upon further inspection, Second Chances staff saw the bird was markedly underweight and they set about to heal its bruised wing and to bring its weight up to the proper level. After staff carefully monitored the mending of its wing and encouraged appropriate weight gain, the bird was flying and deemed healthy enough to be returned back to its natural environment.


Texas State Aquarium: See a New Sea 

The Texas State Aquarium is excited to announce today the largest expansion in its 24 year history. Bringing the sights, sounds, and vibrant wildlife of the Western Caribbean to the shores of Corpus Christi, this $50,000,000 Caribbean Journey addition — which completes the final two phases of the Aquarium’s original master plan — will transform the Texas State Aquarium from a leading regional aquarium to one of the one of the top aquariums in the nation. Let’s take a journey to see a new sea!