Indoor Exhibits


Dare to enter the mysterious world of an Amazon rainforest. Encounter the exotic, the fierce and the deadly as you explore the diversity of species, our connections with the animals and products of the rainforests, and the need to preserve this unique natural resource.

Dolphin Bay Underwater Room

Get an up close and personal look at Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Our 400,000-gallon saltwater exhibit features two male dolphins: Shadow and Kai, and visitors can experience these majestic marine mammals above the water and even below, in our unique underwater viewing room, featuring a 70-foot acrylic window.

Floating Phantoms

Our Floating Phantoms exhibit is fascinating to visitors-seeing these stinging creatures from a safe perspective is incredible. This 800-gallon exhibit at the Aquarium features a wide variety of species including Pacific sea nettles, moon jellies, purple stripe jellies and Atlantic sea nettles, many of which are found on our local beaches.

Flower Gardens 

This 40,000-gallon exhibit replicates an actual coral reef located approximately 300 miles straight out the Aquarium's back door in the Gulf of Mexico. Watch tarpon, green moray eels, porcupine fish, French angelfish, cow-nose stingrays and barracuda interact with our divers during our daily Diver in the Water presentation.

Islands of Steel

Get an underwater view of the habitat formed around an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Islands of Steel is our largest indoor exhibit, at 125,000 gallons, and it represents an underwater view of the habitat formed around an oil platform. In the past, when oil and gas companies were finished with a platform, they would dismantle it and unknowingly destroy the habitat.

Living Shores

Several touch pools, six aquariums, and three interactive computer kiosks help the public discover the different habitats of the Laguna Madre, and Padre Island bays and estuaries. Visitors can safely interact with species such as hermit crabs, lightning whelks, and pencil urchins in our largest indoor touch pool.

Nearshore Gallery - Under Construction, Opening Spring 2014!

The Nearshore gallery portrays life at the shoreline, where sand dunes and mangroves meet shallow saltwater habitats. The completely renovated exhibit area will be a totally immersive and engaging area - allowing you to stroll directly beneath shorebirds, like the roseate spoonbill and white ibis.